Wednesday, 19 January 2011


For my Final Major Project I am going to create a realistic looking traditional sweet shop. I primarily want to focus on the interior but I also want to create the shop front. I want to achieve a slight “magical” feel to the scene to convey the feeling a person might feel the first time they enter a sweet shop.  One of the major challenges will be the assets which I wish to focus on.

Since I want to create realistic looking environment and assets I am going to base my work around the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 which will allow me to use normal maps and higher resolution textures.
Assets to be created

·         Shop shell

·         Variety of Lollipops

·         Counter
·         Baskets filled with sweets

·         Weighing scales
·         Decorations

·         Till
·         Variety of sweets

·         Counter Display
·         Variety of Jars

·         Shelves
·         Signs

Tools and software

For my project I am going to use a variety of different tools and software including:
·         Pencil and paper for concepts
·         Photoshop for concepts and texture
·         3DS Max for the modelling
·         Crazy bump for the normal maps
·         Unreal Development Kit in case I want more then static shots
·         Z Brush in case I want to create more detailed objects

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  1. It would be cool to see your whole scene in Unreal so we can walk around it 8D