Friday, 6 May 2011

Progress so far


I've began adding more things in the sweet shop to make it more magical. I've added things like bunting and balloons.
I've also added more particle effects in the level.


I have been working on my "to do" bits for outside and I think I finally have an outside.
I've added a bins, trees, crates and lamp posts. I'm still working on the front detailing.

Monday, 2 May 2011

More to do

Outside of the sweet shop it looks very bland so I need to add:
-More decals. Add some dirt and grime around the edges to make it look less clean
-Sort out the skydome. I need to completely redo the skydome texture
-Front details. I need to add more details to the front of the shop so it's not just blocky
-Street details. I need to add more details in the street such as trees, bins, lamp posts, anything to make it look less desolate.

Opening the door

I've finally managed to get my door to open and close.
I created the mesh in 3DS Max, imported it then used kismet to get it to open on its hinges. It opens when the player gets close to the door.
Now I just have to work on the outside a bit more.

Glass writing

In order to make the shop feel more shop like I've added writing on the windows. I've also added opening hours.

I created a sweet design then added writing around it. I've also added an outside sign just to make it feel more natural and shop like.

Friday, 8 April 2011


And so today I decided to work on the atmosphere a bit and have fun with particle effects
and I ended up making sparkles!!!!

The to do list.

Finally up to date with my blog posting.

I'm just starting to work on feedback for my Final Major Project

I am going through all my textures and making them more gritty, putting more detail into them and making sure they're all correctly sized and all the maps are there.
I still have to edit my lighting to make it more "warm"
And add some form of atmosphere to my level.

More Progress shots

April 5th screenshots.
More Pogress before my presentation

For the outside I created a cobble road and a wall just so it gave the illusion of an outside.

Progress shots

Progress shots taken 24th March.
Just a few screenshots of progress, Got a few assets in.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


One of the major parts to my sweet shop is the jars on the shelving. I created 20 multiple textured jars and put them together in rows and then imported them into unreal.

They're all 5 sided, this is to keep the polycount down.
The contents are 5 sided too and also have a diffuse, specular and normal map on.

(Written up on 10th March on Word)


I started to make an outside. I am a bit stumped as to how to create an outside. I want to have it so i can walk around there.

I don't really want to start creating whole shop fronts to act as a background.

(Written up on 26th February on Word)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Nebula paintings

Though it's not very related to shops I created some digipaints based on Nebulae.

After creating these I turned them into paintings complete with frames to put on the shop walls. I picked nebulae because of the colours and the 'magical' feel they have.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


For the ceiling I want it to have an embossed pattern on.

After looking for a few on the internet I created some concepts for the patterns

Friday, 28 January 2011

 And so I've started my room in unreal and I've been trying to create glass in unreal.
Rather then mapping out every individual jar I'm going to create the class as one small texture and I'm going to apply it to everything glass and later add decals for labels.

This is my setup at the moment for my glass cube in the top picture. I feel it still needs alot of tweeking but it's nearly there.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Texture mess about

Having a quick mess about with textures.

Trying to make some glass like jars.
All done with messing around in the material editor.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

And so I've whiteboxed an idea together for a possible shop layout.
I feel I still need to work on stand ideas and displays.

I've also done a quick paintover aswell.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Research post

While I'm making whiteboxes to help out with the shop layout I've been looking at film clips trying to working out what makes them seem so appealing and fantastical.

Both the films seem to have a very bold colour scheme (red, yellows and greens mostly). The child catcher was cover in ribbons and flowers which added to the colours.

Sweets seem to naturally be very colourful and I'll be keeping that form of colour in my project.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Just thrown together a few moodboards. First one was whatever I could find on sweetshops.

The second one I just decided to throw one together based on sweets. Gives me an idea of colours to use in my project. 


Before concepting I realised that jars are going to play a rather large part in my project so I decided to quickly recreate one of the background jars in this photo to see how low I could get the tri count on it.

Lowest I could get was 66 tris (a 5-sided cylinder)
Since it will be put on a shelf I could remove the side which will be facing the wall, lowering it to 54 tris if really needed.


For my Final Major Project I am going to create a realistic looking traditional sweet shop. I primarily want to focus on the interior but I also want to create the shop front. I want to achieve a slight “magical” feel to the scene to convey the feeling a person might feel the first time they enter a sweet shop.  One of the major challenges will be the assets which I wish to focus on.

Since I want to create realistic looking environment and assets I am going to base my work around the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 which will allow me to use normal maps and higher resolution textures.
Assets to be created

·         Shop shell

·         Variety of Lollipops

·         Counter
·         Baskets filled with sweets

·         Weighing scales
·         Decorations

·         Till
·         Variety of sweets

·         Counter Display
·         Variety of Jars

·         Shelves
·         Signs

Tools and software

For my project I am going to use a variety of different tools and software including:
·         Pencil and paper for concepts
·         Photoshop for concepts and texture
·         3DS Max for the modelling
·         Crazy bump for the normal maps
·         Unreal Development Kit in case I want more then static shots
·         Z Brush in case I want to create more detailed objects

Final Major Project - Sweet shop

For my final major project I'm going to be recreating an old style sweet shop.
I'll be hoping to recreate the front of the shop and it's interior and have it imported into unreal.
Any updates, helpful images, references, etc will be posted on here.