Friday, 6 May 2011

Progress so far


I've began adding more things in the sweet shop to make it more magical. I've added things like bunting and balloons.
I've also added more particle effects in the level.


I have been working on my "to do" bits for outside and I think I finally have an outside.
I've added a bins, trees, crates and lamp posts. I'm still working on the front detailing.

Monday, 2 May 2011

More to do

Outside of the sweet shop it looks very bland so I need to add:
-More decals. Add some dirt and grime around the edges to make it look less clean
-Sort out the skydome. I need to completely redo the skydome texture
-Front details. I need to add more details to the front of the shop so it's not just blocky
-Street details. I need to add more details in the street such as trees, bins, lamp posts, anything to make it look less desolate.

Opening the door

I've finally managed to get my door to open and close.
I created the mesh in 3DS Max, imported it then used kismet to get it to open on its hinges. It opens when the player gets close to the door.
Now I just have to work on the outside a bit more.

Glass writing

In order to make the shop feel more shop like I've added writing on the windows. I've also added opening hours.

I created a sweet design then added writing around it. I've also added an outside sign just to make it feel more natural and shop like.