Friday, 8 April 2011


And so today I decided to work on the atmosphere a bit and have fun with particle effects
and I ended up making sparkles!!!!

The to do list.

Finally up to date with my blog posting.

I'm just starting to work on feedback for my Final Major Project

I am going through all my textures and making them more gritty, putting more detail into them and making sure they're all correctly sized and all the maps are there.
I still have to edit my lighting to make it more "warm"
And add some form of atmosphere to my level.

More Progress shots

April 5th screenshots.
More Pogress before my presentation

For the outside I created a cobble road and a wall just so it gave the illusion of an outside.

Progress shots

Progress shots taken 24th March.
Just a few screenshots of progress, Got a few assets in.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011


One of the major parts to my sweet shop is the jars on the shelving. I created 20 multiple textured jars and put them together in rows and then imported them into unreal.

They're all 5 sided, this is to keep the polycount down.
The contents are 5 sided too and also have a diffuse, specular and normal map on.

(Written up on 10th March on Word)


I started to make an outside. I am a bit stumped as to how to create an outside. I want to have it so i can walk around there.

I don't really want to start creating whole shop fronts to act as a background.

(Written up on 26th February on Word)